Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer time in The Gorge

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So its been a busy summer here in Hood River.  Immediately following the Ro-Sham Throwdown was the 13th annual Bridge of the Gods.  This year they split the contest into two parts; first being the BOTG Pro division, second being the original BOTG Am contest.  There is also the crowd favorite Blow Out Downwind Race.  You can check out the video from the Pro division below, which I ended up taking 3rd place.

The day after the pro contest we participated in the Blowout Race.  This race consists of a downwind sprint from Stevenson to Hood River a whopping 17 miles.  As usual Corey Rossler won the event on a 16m, 40m lines, and 30 year old water skis.  I managed to come in 3rd place which was pretty good for my first time.  Because it was a combination of your teams score for the win, our team walked away with the 1st place!

Next I took a quick trip back to the East Coast for some surfing, cable, and kiting in the slick.  We ended up heading to the brand new Hexagon Wake Park in Benson, NC.  With 11 Unit features and one of the highest and tightest corners, Hexagon is one of the best cables in the US.  We had an amazing time despite the long hours in the car.

The next weekend was the first ever Gorge Mai Tai.  Mai Tai is an event created by entrepreneur Bill Tai and kiteboarder supergirl Susi Mai.  The events focus is to bring smart, active, and tech sector involved kiters together to share ideas and rip on the water.  We had some amazing conditions, from nuking 6m wind to full on group post canyon mountain bike shuttles.  By the end of the event everyone had plenty of good food, new friends, and a ton of kiteboarding under their belt.   

Phew its been a busy summer here in Hood River.  Now its time to take some relaxing sessions, enjoy the last bit of summer, and prep for my upcoming trip to Brazil.  Check back in for some more shredding news soon!