Sunday, May 6, 2012

"Week in Hatty" Episode 2

So here is the second installment of our "Week in Hatty"  series.  This week we headed up to the East Coast Wake Park for a day of shredding.  Rich Sabo, Bryan Elkus, and I got plenty of riding in while we were there for 7 hours.  Actually I pretty much cancelled myself for two days after.  We had a rough trip, we lost a Go Pro and corrupted a batch of files, but we did have a great day of fun on the water.  Enjoy episode 2 and keep your eyes peeled for episode 3 next Sunday.

Week one just incase you missed it.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fresh Vids!

Just wanted to pop in and share a few videos from this week.  First is a small video we are starting down here in Hatty.  We have been riding a ton and decided to start filming to give an idea of what its like to live on the island.  It's going to be a weekly series, no filler, no bullshit, just riding.  So tune in every Sunday for some action.

Second is a short edit from the Summer Slider Series at the East Coast Wake Park.  We went out the the contest and showed the wake world what the kiters are capable of.  I managed to grab 1st, Sensi took 1st, and Eric took 3rd.  You can see the whole post here.  Enjoy the video, we really only have a few hits towards the end, still pumped to see some media from the event!