Monday, April 23, 2012

Coverage in the new SBC

Just wanted to pop in and share some coverage in the most recent issue of SBC Kiteboarding Magazine.  I was pleased to see a write-up of last years trip to Brazil made it, along with a sweet black and white shot from Josh Peitras.  The last five shots are from an article I wrote on sliders.  It covers everything from getting your first hits, to pressing like the pro's.  Stop in your local shop and get your hands on the issue, read and enjoy!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

1st place at the Summer Slider Series

Team REAL invades the ECWP!

Yesterday was the first stop of the Summer Slider Series at the East Coast Wake Park.  The REAL Team came out to try to represent for the kiteboarding world.  Eric Rienstra,  Sensi Graves, and I all made the short trip out to the park.  What a better way to spend a no wind day than to take a road trip with the crew and do some cable shredding.


The day started off with some warm-up laps, and then it was right into the contest.  There was a great turnout with 35+ riders registered in the various classes and over 100 spectators lining the side of the lake.  Chris at ECWP pulled it all out with a full food booth, RedBull Girls, and a bumping PA system.  The event ran  a "jam style" format with riders trading off on laps for the best hit on each feature over the day.  There was no lack of competition in the pro division, riders were slaying the rails, busting 5's, 7's, and plenty of inverts off the kicker, and finally throwing some great air tricks at the end of the day.

View from the Dragon Jams

All wrapped up

After a long day of riding my Liquid Force Peak we proceeded with the awards ceremony.  Eric ended up taking 3rd in the pro division. Sensi walked away with top honors(1st) in the girls division and best crash for her air railey to toe edge.  I was super pleased to come out on top of the podium in the pro division and take home some cash money.  We had such a blast, if your ever in the area be sure to go check out the East Coast Wake Park!

Winning sure does taste good!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Video and Some Cable Action!

Just popping in to share a short video shot by a friend of mine down here in Hatteras.  It was compiled from footage shot during last summer, pretty stoked how it all turned out!  The second shot is from a quick trip to the East Coast Wake Park for some cable shredding. It was an amazing day, and I even ended up landing some new tricks, pumped!  There is also the first stop of the Summer Slider Series next weekend so we thought we'd get some practice in before the event.  Wish me luck!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Kite Life Magazine Cover

Just got the copy of the new Magazine and I was pleased to see that I made the cover.  The shot was taken by my good friend Nate Appel over at Cineaptic Media.  When Hurricane Irene hit the Outer Banks last August is wreaked havoc on the small village of Waves.  We took full advantage of the carnage and scored some fun jibs on all the ruined docks.  You can see the other shots here.  I think it ended up being one of my most published sessions, pretty stoked with the results.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wind Or No Wind in Kite Spain Magazine

The latest issue of Kite Spain Magazine just got released and I was pleased to see both my article from Brazil and the Wind Or No Wind recap made the cut.  The article was written by my good friend Tom Court and all the shots were taken by photographer extraordinaire Jason Wolcott.  The event much like the previous year was an amazing success, although this year was a bit lacking in the wind department.  We more than made up for it with double the cable time.  You can check out some videos from this years event here, as well as the recap video shot and edited by James over at Steeze Productions.  Overall the event was an amazing time with all our good friends, everyone's riding level went through the roof.  I can't wait to see more coverage and videos dropping soon!