Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Triple S and so Much More

It's been quite awhile since I last posted, in the meantime I managed to travel across Europe and came home with my 3rd Triple S victory. It was three weeks of insanity, it started with a flight to London to meet up with fellow Liquid Force team rider James Boulding. Straight out of the airport we hit Liquid Leisure Cable, we rode most of the day, rain or shine. We then spent the next few days driving around England sessioning new spots and meeting plenty of new people. While in England we managed to put down our fair share of ale and biscuits. Then it was off to France to attend the Kite Addict Slider Party.

 The drive to the South of France took forever, but we saw some breathtaking countryside on the way. We ended up staying for 4 days on Baraces for the event. We rode some cable, a 2.0, got a few sessions in on the kite, and had a great time. When all was said and done I walked away with 3rd place, not too shabby.

 From there we headed off to Spain for a few days of demos and parties, we even managed to sneak in a afternoon cable session at a random 2.0. We enjoyed the kiting and tapas, but it wasn't long before we had to make a b-line for Switzerland. When we arrived the weather was beautiful and the beers were flowing, just what we needed after a long drive. We spent the next few days enjoying the beauty of Switzerland, riding boat, and eating fondu.  It ended up being my favorite stop on the LF Demo Tour, you can see all the photos from the trip on instagram at #LFeurotour  After a few wonderful days spent sightseeing it was time to hop on a plane back to the states for the 2012 Triple S.

 James and I arrived the night before the start of the contest and made sure to get our rest before the daunting week ahead.  If you have never been to the Triple S before it is a weeklong riding contest with live music every night and no shortage of parties.  This year was no exception, we had several great days of wind for both slicks, sliders, and surf.  Most of the contest was held at KP this year with the wind coming from the NE.  It made for some challenging conditions and some really fun ocean riding.

You can see all the updates and videos here, and keep your eyes peeled there should be a ton of coverage coming out of the event soon.  At the end of the day I ended up with great results, I took 1st in the Winch, 2nd in Slicks, 1st in Sliders, and 1st overall.  I couldn't have been any happier!  Now it's time to take it easy, rest up, and get some sessions in here in Hatteras.  Check back soon for some more shots and videos!


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