Friday, February 18, 2011

The Media Begins from CWC!

Wind Or No Wind 2010 @ CamSur, Philippines from Boomroom Media on Vimeo.

So the media is beginning to trickle out from the 2010 Wind or No Wind Jam.  The video is put together by the Gov's personal production team.  It gives a nice glimpse of what it was like to be there during the event, good memories!

There is also a shot taken by fellow kiter Tom Court that ran in KiteSpain Magazine.  It was a full feature on the event through Toms lens.  Looks pretty nice to me!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Surfs Up!

Right on track with the forecast the wind started to turn on in the morning, so we headed off to Kite Beach to make the most of the day.  When we showed up the wind looked a little lighter and we took our time getting on the water.  I rigged my 12m Envy and took out my DLX, the wind was perfect and Craig, Eric and I had a really fun session.

After smacking my head enough it was time to grab some waves. I rigged up my line mount from Kite Hero and snuck out to the reef.  The waves were coming in like giant walls and closing out on the outside, so I snagged some waves at boneyards.  The shape of the wave reminded be of the draining sand waves back in Hatteras, secretly I cant wait for Ranger Runs.

IKSURFMAG Issue 25!!!

So stoked with the latest issue of IKSURFMAG!!!  I managed to score not only a full feature in the magazine, but the cover as well.  Huge props go out to kiteboarding photographer Bryan Elkus for all of the shots.  I was happy to see our hard work from the summer of 2010 at REAL finally go into publication, definitely some of my favorite shots.  You can see the issue here.  Things are starting to wind down here in Maui, my departure is getting closer and closer.  Looks like some great wind today, so were off to score what looks like our last session here.  Check in later for some more GoPro shots from the session!

 Rocking on the Liquid Force Wall Ride.

Friday, February 4, 2011

KiteHero Line Mount

So I just got my new GoPro line mount from Kite Hero.  The mount is amazing, super simple to use and it makes for some really interesting photos and video.  If your a kiter and you have a GoPro then this mount is a must for sessions.  I can't wait for all the cool things that can be done with the line mount.

Sunsets in Kehei

The conditions were finally good for Kite Beach, solid power from my 12m Envy and filled in on the inside.  Shooting shots every 2 seconds you miss a lot so I was stoked just to get a few good ones.  

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Few New Shots

So its been busy here in Maui, fellow LF team riders Julien Fillion and Jason Slezak finally got out to the island.  Between flatwater sessions at Kitebeach and wave riding at lanes, everyone has been getting their fill of sessions. The wind and waves here on Maui have been all time, I couldn't ask for more. I just saw that couple new shots from Bryan Elkus got published in Stance Magazine and Kite World.  Pretty sweet to see something other than tricks get published.  The two other shots are from our recent hike at Seven Pools, one of the most amazing places on the whole of Maui.  Enjoy!