Sunday, January 23, 2011

Team REAL Shreds CWC!!!

Team REAL at CWC from Sensi Graves on Vimeo.

REAL Team at CWC from Sensi Graves on Vimeo.

Sensi finally wrapped up the edit from the Wind Or No Wind Board Jam.  We shot this during a few quick sessions using the Go Pro I won in the Go Pro challenge.  Featured are REAL Watersports team riders Jason Slezak, Sensi Graves, and myself.  Really happy with how the edit turned out with such little footage.  Cant wait until next year!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Stumped on Maui

Stumped on the sea shore from Sam Medysky on Vimeo.

Check out this video made by Sam Medyesky here on Maui.  We shot the video in the three days following Sams accident.  I'm super happy with how the video turned out, especially for only shooting for three sessions.  Also there are some shots from the past few days kite and surf sessions.  Swell is hitting tonight, off to Jaws in the a.m.

Shots from Craig C

Friday, January 14, 2011

Kiteboarding Magazine

 Just a few shots from the latest issue of Kiteboaring Magazine.  All the shots are from Bryan Elkus, pretty excited to see how the summers hard work is starting to pay off.  Look for more Elkus shots to be popping up all over the kite world!!!

Triple-S 2011 ad!!!

Kiting in Kihei and the NW Corner

So the weather decided to mix it up a bit and switch from the usual NE trades here, to Kona(SW) winds.  So we packed up all the new Liquid Force gear and headed off to Kihei.  We stopped at a few different beaches before we found Maui Sunsets.  The conditions were perfect when we showed up!!!
When we looked up-wind we were so stoked to see a giant coral jetty.  It made a super flat water slick, the water depth was a bit low and with the tide dropping we knew we had to hurry.
Sensi putting up the 7m Envy

The wind was perfect for 9's, Craig, Sensi, and I scored a great flatwater session it was so nice to ride butter again.  We rode until the tide dropped and the reef started popping up out of the water.  It turned our nice flat water pool into a cheese grater.  We headed in and took some much needed rest and just made it in before the rain came through.  It was great to get back on the water and have some fun, hope we get to score this spot again before we leave!!!
Reminiscent of The Slick! 
 After a few days of torrential downpour the sky finally cleared up.  We took full advantage of the break in storms and planned a road trip around the NW side of Maui.  The road was quite harry, lots of switchbacks and steep drops with no guard rails.  
No wonder the beef tastes so good.  

About half way through our trip we came across some ancient lava flows.  We took some time to climb right down to the waters edge, it felt like we left the planet earth.  I could not believe how geologically foreign this place felt, simply breathtaking!

Down near the ocean there were several pools full of fresh water.  It felt great to take a swim and enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.  I keep thinking I've seen all this island has to offer, but I find myself being continually surprised.  Maui is truly an amazing place!!!

 Fresh picked wild raspberries 
Props to Craig for the shots!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

On Top of the World!

The wind decided to take a break after the last stint we had.  So in the mean time we decided to take a trip to the top of Mt. Haleakala.  It was quite an amazing drive filled with winding roads, cows and clouds.

After some hairy turns and amazing views we finally made it to the top.  The sight is quite breathtaking!!  The whole crater is visible full of dormant cinder cones.  The elevation is 10,023 ft above sea level, crazy thing is it's another 19,000 ft to the ocean floor.  You definitely feel insignificant up there.

Top of the world!

Silversword...only found here on the slopes

Towards the end of the night we got a little creative with some silhouettes and some long exposure shots.  After dark the sky filled with thousands of stars, apparently it's the 4th best place to observe the night sky.  We wrapped up the night with a long windy drive back down the mountain, and we all walked away with one amazing experience!

Props to Sam M. for some of the shots.

Wind Or No Wind on Sports Unlimited

Just some video updates from our recent trip to the Wind Or No Wind.  Really cool to see the trip to the waterfall, just goes to show theres more than just a world class cable park.  Keep posted for tons more as it starts to trickle in.