Saturday, July 30, 2011

Getting some Face Time

Just wanted to pop in and share some of the recent print coverage that has been hitting shelves.  First Bryan Elkus and I scored the cover of Kitesurf Magazine.  We worked hard to get this shot, riding well past sunset amd taking a few licks.  I am really happy to score the first shot on the Hatty up-rail!  You can check out some video action from the session HERE, shot by my man Nate Appel.  Man it has been a great season out here on the island.

Next is the first of the 2012 Liquid Force ads, all of the shots came out of our amazing trip to Cape Verde.  I had such a blast hanging out with the whole crew, and I must say that 2012 is the year of LF!  Check out the shot from looks amazing!!!

Got ups?

Lastly is some print found in Kiteboarding Magazine from this years Triple S contest hosted at REAL Watersports.  I was really stoked to score the opening spread, that one sure got the adrenaline pumping.  Overall its been a great summer and the ball keeps rolling, I'm off to Mancora, Peru for REALs annual Peru trip, pretty stoked to get some time in world class surf.  Check back for some South American updates!


Eric said...

That cover shot is sick nice job dude.

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