Friday, December 31, 2010

Wind Or No Wind Cable Edit

Check out this short video from the Wind Or No Wind Jam at CWC!  It was put together by Tom Court, my fellow winner of the Go Pro Challenge.  It brings back old cream anyone???

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gettin' some Maui Style!

Getting ready to shred
So far Maui has been amazing, it has only lacked one minor detail....wind.  Well all that has changed!  With trades lining up for the foreseeable future and two big swells on their way, its officially on.  

Kehei Session

We managed to sneak in a little kite session a few days ago on the south side of the island in Kehei. It was a little light, but armed with the 12m Envy and 139 Kaos we managed to score some fun.  It was finally nice to get some kiting in, even if it was just a little taste!

We took advantage of the no wind days and did some exploring down the Hana Highway.  We went to the bamboo forests, black sand beaches, and even hiked down a lava tube!  It all ended with a beautiful waterfall and some amazing banana bread!

 Bamboo Forest

Lava tube entrance

After some sight seeing we finally got the real deal...trades!  Sam, Sensi, Craig, and I all headed down to Kite Beach to check it out, by the time we got out of the car there were 50+ kites in the sky.  Guess everyone else has been waiting as well.  I had perfect power on the 9m Envy, Sensi took the 7m and Craig went out on his 9m Hifi.  The wind was the perfect direction for the "Pro Pool" and everyone was having a blast riding.   After riding for a few hours we all headed into the beach for some much needed beers.  What a great day on Maui, can't wait for more!!!

The "Pro Pool" was firing!

Saturday, December 18, 2010


Famous Kite Beach
 So we've just arrived on the beautiful Island of Maui.  We have had a few days to settle in, get gear lined up, get some surf boards, and sample some of the local dining.  Let me tell you its a big step up from the Philippines.  We have been hiking most mornings and scored a few surf sessions.  I officially caught my first Hawaiian right!    The wind hasn't shown its face yet, but the surf is starting to fill in.  Looks like the next few days are going to be insane.  Cant wait to try all my new Liquid Force Gear.  I'm here with fellow LF team rider Craig Cunningham and Northern brethren  Sam Medysky.  We also managed to catch a Pepper show in a sick outdoor venue, not to shabby.  I am having a blast here already, can't wait for more.
And the Crew

View from the back deck
 The house we got through Kite Camp Maui is amazing.  Freshly remodeled with a beautiful view, not to mention I can hear the ocean from my bedroom!!! 

Start of the hike

At the Top


Monday, December 13, 2010

Coming out on top at the WONW!!!

So with the Wind Or No Wind in the bag, I guess it's time to share some of the shots.  It has been an amazing trip, one I will hopefully be taking yearly.  Not only did we get to shred the worlds best cable park, but we got to get out and experience what Cam-Sur has to offer.  We took two side trips, one to Mt. Isarog National Park for a waterfall adventure and the other to Pasacao Beach for some 2.0 shredding.  After the final days of riding we had a huge closing party, pig roast and some voting!  When all was said and done I managed to score 1st place Cable Rider, 3rd place Kite Park Rider, 2nd place overall, and me and Tom Court scored 1st in the Go Pro challange!  I'm super stoked with how it all went!!!  The other top spots went to Aaron Hadlow and Sam Light, big ups to those guys for killing it all week long!!!  I can't say enough about the event, it was amazing!!!!  Big thanks to Morris for getting the whole thing organized, and I cant wait for more events like this to start popping up!!!!!

 Slezak Killing it!!

 Chillin with the crew

Also a article about the event in the local papers!!!