Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Great Day at CWC

Morning Mountain View

Wood Cabin #1 Home sweet Home!

What an amazing day here at the Camsur Watersports, with the hectic travel my sleeping schedule is a bit off. We woke up at 5am with the sunrise, we headed down to the cable to scope out the sliders.  It was like a mirror, sun rising lighting up the mountain in the background.

Glassy Morning
Short walk to paradise

We started off with a quick easy morning set on the rails.  Everyone was throwing down and the progression is going through the roof.  Team UK is holding it down, and they are all a blast to ride with.  After some more riding we headed off for the daily massage, a.k.a hour of pain.  


I have been riding my new Liquid Force Watson Hybrid.  Loving the soft landings and the flex for the rails.  We all took our turns shredding the cable well into the darkness.  Double sets with the stadium lighting has to be one of the highlights of the trip so far.  After dark the whole crew headed into Naga City for some dinner.  We ended up with the biggest table of food anyones ever seen.  I must say things are great here in the Philipines!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

California to Cam Sur

Nor Cal
Cam Sur

So after spending the fall in Nor Cal, it was time to start the winter travels.  First stop, Cam Sur Watersports for the Wind Or No Wind Jam!!!!  It only took 25+ hrs and a trip to the other side of the world...but were here!

Church Creek

Winding dirt roads

Spy Rock
Before taking off for the Philipines, we headed to Napa Valley for Thanksgiving.  The area is amazing, felt like I was in Italy for the day.  Fine dining, wine, and great company what more could you ask for.

Beautiful View of the Napa Valley

Mountain View

We spend our first day riding the park with Sam Light, Aaron Hadlow, James Boulding, Craig Cunningham, Tom Court, and a few others.  Everyone is already throwing down and loving it here, the $10 massages don't hurt.  For now we are just going to keep shredding, preparing for the WONW Jam.  Can't wait for everyone else to get here and the party to start.  More to come daily, keep checking in!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Present Tense

Present Tense Teaser from Nate Appel on Vimeo.

Nate Appel is blowing it up once again.  Check out this teaser for his up-coming movie Present Tense.  It was shot across North America featuring the Triple-S, Ro-Sham-Throw Down, and the LF team shoot.  Looking like its going to be a great movie!

Also a extended trailer for the up-coming video feature with Stance Magazine.  NA Blend follows the most progressive North American wakestyle riders across the country.  Props to Ben for the editing, going to be insane!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Going Big!

Look out Lifethereal is blowin up!  Just a few shots taken during the 2010 Triple-S contest hosted by Real Watersports.  It was super windy during the planet run and I was riding a 8m LF Evny om 10m lines.  It was only my second time riding such short lines.  Its quite different, and a lot of fun!  

Talk about POP!