Monday, December 13, 2010

Coming out on top at the WONW!!!

So with the Wind Or No Wind in the bag, I guess it's time to share some of the shots.  It has been an amazing trip, one I will hopefully be taking yearly.  Not only did we get to shred the worlds best cable park, but we got to get out and experience what Cam-Sur has to offer.  We took two side trips, one to Mt. Isarog National Park for a waterfall adventure and the other to Pasacao Beach for some 2.0 shredding.  After the final days of riding we had a huge closing party, pig roast and some voting!  When all was said and done I managed to score 1st place Cable Rider, 3rd place Kite Park Rider, 2nd place overall, and me and Tom Court scored 1st in the Go Pro challange!  I'm super stoked with how it all went!!!  The other top spots went to Aaron Hadlow and Sam Light, big ups to those guys for killing it all week long!!!  I can't say enough about the event, it was amazing!!!!  Big thanks to Morris for getting the whole thing organized, and I cant wait for more events like this to start popping up!!!!!

 Slezak Killing it!!

 Chillin with the crew

Also a article about the event in the local papers!!!


Boris Terzic said...

Sweets shots, looks like it was a great time.

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