Tuesday, October 12, 2010

More Love!

Been getting some recent photos published around in several magazines.  Most of the shots are done by the man Bryan Elkus.  We have been riding and working together for awhile now and we've got a ton of work done this summer.  I'm pleased with how the shots ended up and really stoked on my first ad spread with Liquid Force. It turned out great and I'm stoked to be involved with them in kiting.  Hands down the best company in the game!  

Here is a short video on the 2011 Envy, hands down the best kite ever made.  Safe, reliable, smooth what more can I say....every time I put the kite in the sky, I can't help but smile!

2011 Liquid Force Envy from Liquid Force Kites on Vimeo.

Slim, Kiteboarding Mag B. Elkus

Next batch is from the REAL team trip to Hood River.  It was quite a trip we did a little bit of everything. 

Bottem corner for me.  BCS lighting up the page next door!


Nate Appel said...

Not only am I stoked to be captioned in the photo above yours, but SBC is sending me William's camera. SICK! Nice coverage B lets blow it up this winter!!

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