Monday, May 10, 2010

Slick and Wake Sessions

With the wind blowing we have had a ton of riding in here in Cape Hatteras.  The last few days have been really good, solid SW.  Wanting to try something new, Elkus and I went out and did some follow shooting.  I was riding my 11m Hi-fi and Elkus was following with his 12m Havoc.  We scored some really original shots, and got closer than comfort on a few tricks.  Later that same night Bryan shot from the slick, I was working on getting some new grabs with my rolls.  We scored some really tweaked japan air roll to reverts...felt so nice.

Following a day of rest the REAL crew pulled out the JWCF slider for a little wake session.  Everyone walked away with some nice hits.  Brian "BCS" Smith and I had a gap fest, both getting some gap to back lips, and I managed a gap 3.  Pretty happy with how the session went, considering it was my first slider session behind the ski.

Lastly, I scored a photo on REAL's main site.  Check it out!
Next week the Liquid Force Team shoot begins here in Cape Hatteras, so stay tuned for a ton of riding updates!


Anonymous said...

nice pic on the real site.

cool hooked in.

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