Wednesday, April 28, 2010

10m on 10m


So after having 3 days of 30-40 winds I was tired of no wakestyle and riding 7m's.  So I decided to try a set of 10m lines.  I've never ridden such short lines, it was a whole different beast. I ended up riding a 10m Envy and it worked great even on the shorties. Its very similar to the pull at the cable park.  I had a blast and landed one of the most legit powered back mobes I've ever done!  Pretty much canceled small kites for me.  Time to make a short line bar!

Also got a nice vynal on the door at REAL.  The shot was taken by Bryan Elkus during REAL's BVI trip this winter.  Pretty excited to see it!


joel said...

Yo Brandon - Been wanting to shorten up the lines for awhile now. What are you using for the short ones? Making your own or is there a set out there for sale? That S-Bend is sick!

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