Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Super Fly Open Wrap Up

The last day of the Super Fly Open was one of the best days I had snowkiting and it was a great way to end the trip.  However, it didn't start out very picturesque.  When we showed up to the event site, the visibility was no more than a hundred feet.   We decided to head over the the site and get all the LF gear out of the tents.  As we came up the hill to the tent all we could see was blue skies.  The storm was lifting and the event was on!  We got a little warm up time before the freestyle contest started.  They had the flat bar, A battleship rail, and a few kickers.  

Craig getting steezy

LF Snowboard has some Flex!!

We had 5 hits per slider/kicker so after we did the flat bar we headed to the battle ship. Unfortunately the wind had shifted a bit making it hard to hit end to end.

We moved on to the kicker portion, everyone was throwing down.  I got some nice three's and some tantrums.  It was a really steep kicker and gave a ton of pop, it was super fun riding with all the boys.

After all the hits were completed for the freestyle event, Craig, Sam and I went off to do some soaring.  We were able to ride off a high hill and soar over a nice ridge line.  Sam recorded the highest jump on the Shadowbox at 49.5 ft.  It was all going good until I snapped a center line and fell from the air.  Goes to show you that you want to make sure your gear is in good condition before every session.

Fun jumps!

After all was said and done the champions were crowned.  I was able to grab 1st place in Freestyle and 2nd place in rails.  Craig pulled down 2nd in freestyle and Sam nabbed 1st in rails.  It was a awesome way to end the LF snowkite road trip.  
Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

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Now its time to return home to Real Watersports in Cape Hatteras.  I am starting to coach again and get my shred on.  Keep posted for more photos and videos to come soon!


Anonymous said...

F**cking A Brandon. Congrats on the 1st place for freestyle. Great pictures. I snapped a center line on my Havoc this weekend too. I'll see you at the Demo Daze. Peace & Wind.

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