Saturday, March 13, 2010

LF 2010 Snowkite Tour Hits the Super Fly Open!!!

We woke up to blue skies and beautiful weather on the first morning of the Super Fly Open.  With the cars  packed we all headed up the mountain to Powder Ridge.  We arrived at the parking lot and it was already overrun with kiteboarders.  It took a little while for everyone to get registered and organized to head over to the riding spot.

We hitched a ride over on a sled to the competition area and met up with some of the other kiters.  The wind was a little light at first, which gave us time to get all the kites pumped up.  Man is it hard work inflating kites at 10,000 ft, you would have thought we were completely out of shape.  After getting all the gear set up we met up with Best Team rider Sam Medysky to mission on the rails.  We managed to move the flat bar around  for the days wind conditions and get a launch ramp built.  

Craig and Sam soak up the Utah sun

After working up a sweat setting up the rails, it was nice to feel the breeze starting to fill in.  We decided to take a quick park lap at Powder Mountain to give the wind time to settle in.  The run brought our stoke level up nice and high and we were greeted at the event site with kites in the air.  With all the new Liquid Force kites and boards setup it was hard to pick which one to ride, I ended up putting up the 14m Havoc and riding the 159 LF/Decosse Alliance.  It had very solid and steady power in the lighter conditions, I was ripping on the 14m while others were struggling on their 17's.

Pick and Choose

All the photographers setup their gear surrounding the big kicker at the event site.  The setting sun in the sky made for a beautiful backdrop; at one point I counted seven photogs shooting one spot, it was quite the production.  The kicker had a good lip, but the landing was very flat and hard a lot like concrete.  Even so we managed to throw some nice tricks for the cameras and I think everyone riding walked away with some sick  shots.

Props to Isaiah for the shot

With the wind fading everyone started packing up and we caught a ride up to the parking lot.  After hearing from some locals about a run down to the road, we couldn't resist taking one more lap.   Sam, Craig and I took off from the parking lot with no more than a "just go over that way" for directions.  

Happy crew...pre hike.

The snow was really fun and we were trading off on turns, everything was going great until we noticed a creek at the bottom of the hill.  We quickly realized we had made a wrong turn somewhere and the mission to find our way out began. With the sun setting and no sign of the road a small amount of panic started to set in. Luckly we managed to follow the creek and a recent hikers tracks back to safety after about a two hour hike.  Once the road was in sight we were able to appreciate just how amazing of an adventure we had just been on.  It's one of those days you just don't forget.

How beautiful...worth the hike?

Day two was quite stormy with complete whiteout conditions so we spent the day riding at the mountain.  The conditions look good for tomorrow morning, so check back in for the update from Day 3 out here at the Super Fly!


Kenny Blum said...

Brandon, Check out my web gallery from the superfly. Some good Liquid Force shots in there.

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